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"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." ~ Ronald Reagan

Why I am running...
This year you will elect a new Sheriff of Maricopa County. It is time we restore the rule of law to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. It is our county and our future. It is important that we elect a problem-solver, who is mission-focused and committed to moving the Sheriff's office forward to ensure that those who live in Maricopa County are safe and your constitutional rights are protected.  
For these reasons, I am the Conservative Republican who is working hard to be elected as Sheriff. I am an Air Force Veteran with 27 years of Law Enforcement experience. I am pro-God, pro-life, and pro-Constitution. I am will adhere to the Constitution and obey all laws. I will work with immigration authorities to make Maricopa County a safer community for all. I am focused on stopping human and drug trafficking. I bring honesty, integrity, accountability, and leadership to the Sheriff's office to make a positive impact in Maricopa County. 
I am the new generation of servant leadership with new ideas and modern law enforcement approaches needed for the Sheriff of Maricopa County. The citizens of Maricopa County deserve a working sheriff, one who will continue to actively serve the community and keeps us safe, and I will fulfill that position and promise to you. 
Mike Crawford


As your Sheriff, I will, and have always, stood for the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Arizona. I will defend your rights and freedoms with my life if it be necessary. I have followed the law and equally and justly enforced the law always. I stand for the People.

As your next Sheriff, I will support the staff to revitalize and re-build the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. It is a top priority to improve the morale of those who serve and protect our community daily.  I will focus on a holistic approach to the overwell safety, health, and skills of the deputies, detention officers, dispatchers, and staff. We will focus forward on delivering and implementing a clear mission and goals to improve morale and customer service. The Sheriff's Office will have the highest quality of training and development to enhance professionalism and build safer communities. 


As your next Sheriff, I will develop and implement new strategies for community involvement and interactions that build stronger relationships within every community. It is vital that the Sheriff's office provides our community with top-notch law enforcement services and serve the community in all aspects. We will partner with churches, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to build a stronger Maricopa County. We will be focused on the needs within the communities we serve.

As your next Sheriff, I will restore and expand the Sheriff's Posse to include all generations and abilities. The Sheriff's Posse has a long-standing history in Arizona since the late 1800s. It is time to rebuild the dedicated volunteer organizations that support our law enforcement and provide an essential community service. The Posse programs will include neighborhood patrols, search and rescue, animal protection, administrative support, youth programs and more. 
As your next Sheriff, I will expand and enhance the positive community interactions our youth have with the Sheriff's office. The current Cadet program will be expanded to offer more opportunities for learning and leadership for our youth. The Sheriff's Office will be involved in collaborative programs that are focused on prevention and diversion for youth within Maricopa County. These programs will focus on anti-violence, mental health, bullying prevention, substance abuse prevention, and increased positive engagements within the community. 

As your next Sheriff, I will expand the scope of protection to include all animals in Maricopa County.  Crimes against animals are often precursors to future violence including assault, domestic violence, and homicide. The Sheriff's Office will expand its partnerships with local, state, and federal programs and organizations that promote awareness, education, and prevention. A way to increase the awareness of animal cruelty is to provide additional training for animal cruelty units, first responders, and investigators. The expansion of the current MASH Unit will include an inmate animal training program that will provide a sense of purpose and connection for those working with injured and rescued animals. 

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