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The Veterans Posse is a coalition of Veterans who support Mike Crawford for Sheriff of Maricopa County. 
CHAIRMAN - Michael A. Hart, LCDR, NC, United States Navy, Retired, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CME
CO-VICE CHAIRMAN - Honorable Thomas H. Kirk, Jr., Colonel, United States Air Force, Retired 
CO-VICE CHAIRMAN - Ray Halman, Sergeant, United States Marine Corp, Veteran
  • Travis Angry, United States Army, Veteran
  • Andrew Anifer, United States Marine Corps, Veteran
  • Caleb Blakley, United States Army, Veteran
  • Jeffery Blankenship, Veteran
  • Bruce Bosley, United States Army, Veteran
  • John Cain, United States Army, Retired
  • Christopher Flowers, United States Air Force & Army, Veteran
  • Johnny Hernandez, United States Army, Veteran
  • Ray Herren, United States Army, Veteran
  • Noah Jennings
  • Chris Lowery, United States Army National Guard
  • Francisco M. Martinez, Sgt. United States Army Reserve
  • Randy J. Price, MSgt. (Ret), United States Air Force
  • Jude Soine,  United States Marine Corps, Veteran
  • Daniell T. Stanton, MSgt. (Ret), United States Air Force
  • Dan Stark, United States Air Force, Retired
  • Tim Taylor
  • Juan Toledo, United States Air Force, Retired
Mike Crawford joined the United States Air Force in 1987. He was a Crew Chief on KC135s. In 1991, he successfully completed the Non-Commissioned Officer Preparatory Course and was promoted to Sergeant. While in the service he was awarded the following awards, decorations, ribbons and medals: 

          Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

          Air Force Good Conduct Medal 

          Air Force Recognition Ribbon

          National Defense Service Medal

          Air Force Overseas Long Tour Ribbon

          Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon

          NCO PME Graduate Ribbon 

          Air Force Training Ribbon


During his service, his evaluations reflected his commitment to his position and those who he served within the Air Force. He was recognized for his hard work, can-do attitude and always ready to take on additional responsibility. In August of 1992, he was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. 

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